Shaken But Not Stirred

As I sit to write our first blog and welcome you to our new website, the ground has just stopped shaking....again! A 3.9 aftershock followed by a 3.2 an hour later. As you can imagine, nerves are a bit on edge coming off of Sunday's 6.1 earthquake here in Napa. Every little sound has you wondering. Every truck that rumbles by makes you stop and listen.

Coombsville, our little piece of Heaven, is just 4 miles from the epicenter yet it seems to have survived very, very well considering our immediate connection to downtown Napa where most of the destruction has taken place. It really gives you a dramatic and unwelcome visual on just how diverse our small valley is in regards to soils.

Coombsville is located in the shadow of Mt. George and as such much of our land is made up of rocky soils. That solid rock seems to have taken the jolt much better than other areas. Downtown's historic buildings, even with earthquake retrofitting took a bad hit. Our AVA neighbors to the north, the Oak Knoll District, really swayed and the wineries located there sustained severe damage. Their houses jolted violently and their cellars, pantries, closets, drawers and even refrigerators were flung open and emptied.  I have never seen so many broken bottles, plates and glassware. 

The real blessing is that, while there have been minor injuries, there have been no deaths. If this event had occurred in a few weeks the outcome would have been much different as harvest would have been fully underway and our wineries often operate around the clock processing fruit. It would have meant people, barrels and heavy equipment thrown about. The outcome would have been much different.

The 2014 harvest will be remembered by this "earth-shaking" event for sure but the better news is the blessing that this vintage will be in the glass. Our 2012 wines are showing to be a great vintage after several vintages that were challenging. The amazing 2013 harvest followed up the 2012 with even better fruit and another abundance of great wines. And now 2014 is showing us another spectacular year in the vineyard. Three back-to-back-to-back vintages of amazing fruit will show the glory of Napa Valley & Coombsville at its best.

With shaken nerves, the clean-up is underway, the preparations for the fast-approaching harvest are in full swing, and this tight-knit community is rallying together to do what we do best...produce world class wines.

God Bless the Coombsville Rocks and the great people that farm them!