Shedding International Light on Coombsville

The Coombsville AVA got the royal treatment in the December issue of Fine Wine International when it was prominently included in an article by Bob Ecker entitled, "Up and Coming California Wine Regions."

In discussing the Coombsville AVA Ecker wrote:

Napa Valley is a famous region of course, but Coombsville, a three year old AVA (American Viticultural Area) in generally unknown, yet literally in Napa’s backyard. Located directly east of the City of Napa, Coombsville is like Napa’s secret garden. The area is mostly rural with a few homes, small roads, a country club, vineyards and wineries dotted here and there.

Its geography is volcanic and alluvial, has rocky soil with ash layers and lots of different elevations. Cabernet is king in Coombsville but worthy Chardonnays, Syrahs and Merlots are produced here too.

The Coombsville region has been harvesting stunning grapes for years, supplying an assortment of Napa’s famous labels but now is the home to about twenty wineries available to visit - by appointment. Caldwell, Tournesol (vey impressive facility), Blue Oak Vineyard, Meteor, Faust, Sciandri Family Vineyards and Black Cat are some of the standouts. “2013 was a great vintage for Coombsville. Great yield and balance in the fruit. The longer growing season offered something that the region rarely sees...which is the bolder flavors,” said Grant Long, Winemaker at Blue Oak Vineyard. The City of Napa is very near, and happily has blossomed into one presenting visitors with a myriad of excellent dining andlodging choices. Try the charming Milliken Creek Inn, a lovely secluded spot abutting the Napa River.

While we believe Coombsville as "Up-ed" and "Come" already, many others are only slightly aware of the newest Napa Valley AVA. Our job as vintners and growers is to spread the word of the beautiful wines and wonderful grapes that this region produces. However, we always enjoy the help from the likes of writers such as Bob Ecker.