Wineries Go On A Coombsville Binge


If anyone was wondering if Napa Valley winemakers would embrace the newly minted Coombsville sub-AVA when it was approved in December 2011, that question has been answered.

In the three years and 9 months since the Coombsville region took its place alongside the other 15 official Napa Valley sub-AVAs, 294 LABELS have been approved by the TTB that use “Coombsville” as the AVA of record on the label.  That’s not just an embrace. That’s a big old bear hug.

Prior to receiving its official AVA approval, Coombsville was known among Napa Valley insiders as a go-to-source for structured, balanced fruit that could carry the “Napa Valley” appellation. However, few consumers knew anything about the region that lies just east of the city of Napa. Not so much any more.

According to the Federal Certificate of Label Approval database, 145 different brands have now put Coombsville on their label. It means more consumers will recognize Coombsville as a source of great wine, which in turn will lead to more wineries seeking out Coombsville fruit and putting the Coombsville AVA on their label.