A decade spent in the world of investment banking taught Black Cat Vineyard founder Tracey Reichow that there is no substitute for hard work and “doing your homework". The tenacity and drive that were essential in the business world proved invaluable in establishing a winery when Tracey, her husband Rick and their two children moved to Napa Valley in the mid-1990's. Tracey spent the 90’s studying winemaking at U.C. Davis, viticulture operations at Napa Valley College and wine business marketing at Sonoma State College. With the help of family, friends and an intrepid Black Cat, Tracey pounded stakes, drove tractors, trenched and installed irrigation and personally planted and grafted all of the vines in an effort to create the perfect vineyard in Coombsville.

For 20 years Tracey Reichow has been growing and crafting her Coombsville and other Napa Valley wines entirely by hand, with a remarkable passion for perfection. She is a “first-person” winemaker, authentically hands-on in the time-honored tradition of the craft. Tracey is also a first-person farmer whose “boots on the ground” philosophy takes her through the vineyards daily. This personal relationship guides her viticultural and winemaking decisions, ultimately leading to wines that express the distinct character of the grapes and their vineyards.